Adventures in Kinfer

Session 2

The Gates

Our party made their way to the gates of the city of Usquebah, only to find their way blocked by a disturbance. Marcus convinced the arguing bat-creature (known as a Desmodu) and the guardsman to step aside, while Willie tried to introduce them to the wonders of candy-canes. After somehow convincing the guard that he had not, in fact, been poisoned, some of the candy canes were confiscated and the party was allowed to enter the city. It was off to see the king!

But, alas, such an easy journey was not to be had. A loud explosion, spilling a noxious green smoke, startles the party and sends them running towards danger. At the site of the explosion, our party meets the cat person Kellan, who seems to have some sort of history with Viet. Viet darts off in a huff, while Lorya stealthily follows.

What follows seems a comedy of errors, as the party members try to make the best of their strange situation. After one mistake too many, Kellan turns hostile towards Willie and Marcus, and a fight seems destined to break out…

Next up: A stealthy chase! A reluctant battle! An untimely end?



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