Adventures in Kinfer

Session 3

Pixie Pandemonium

After managing to tail Viet for a fair distance, Lorya was approached by a somewhat excitable man. The man hurriedly shoved a box into her arms, promising to return. Overcome by curiosity, Lorya cracks open the box to peer inside. Two pixies escape from the box, and Lorya quickly replaces the cover.

Meanwhile, Willie is being threatened by one very angry cat-person with a rapier. She surrenders, and drops her cane to the ground when instructed to. After some protest, she is lead at sword-point towards the exit to Kellan’s apartment. At this point, Marcus has rifled through the desks in the entryway, and broken one of the decorative vases on the floor. He tries to convince Kellan to return Willie’s cane, but Kellan refuses to talk, insisting only that Marcus leave the apartment.

Eventually Marcus relents, and backs out the door. Outside, he finds that a crowd has formed, attracted by the ruckus. Marcus tries to get the crowd to see that his friend has been attacked, hoping to salvage the situation. During the conversation, a patrol shows up(including the guard Williams) to take Marcus, Willie, and Kellan in for questioning.

Lorya finds her way back to Kellan’s apartment as Kellan and Willie are exiting, with one guard left inside to retrieve Willie’s cane. The group is slowly moving off, when Marcus begins to shout, warning of a nearby enemy. The crowd panics, and chaos ensues.

Lorya notices something crawling up her leg, and stabs it with a handy dagger. Marcus, after spotting the creature, exclaims that Lorya should keep it from escaping, and charges.

At this point, the two previously released pixies, who had reappeared at the start of the riot, drop bags filled with a red pigment over Lorya and Marcus. The pigment rises in a cloud of dust, obscuring the area and causing coughing fits. Lorya quickly ties a piece of cloth around her mouth, releasing the impaled lizard in the process.

After the dust cleared, the party finds themselves in a ruined marketplace, devoid of anyone else: including their prey! The party strikes off, Willie making a brief stop to filch some fruit from the stands, and manages to find the river that divides the city. There they wash off the pigment from their clothes and fruit, before eating and beginning the process of deciding where to go from here.

Next up: A daring rescue?



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