Adventures in Kinfer

Session 4

Spellweaver Street

It’s been one heck of a day. Sunset found our party discussing their next move on the banks of a river. Willie is determined to recover her cane, and Lorya agrees to help, on one condition: Marcus must wear a gag. After hashing out the details of Marcus’ gag-wearing, Lorya strikes off to discover the cane’s location.

During her wanderings, Lorya happens upon a bustling steet. Unlike other parts of the city, the street is lit with floating balls of light. Lorya stops a passerby to get directions to the nearest guard station, and sets off once again.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Lorya strike off on their own. They walk along the banks of the river for a distance, before coming across a deserted part of the city. Night falls as the pair turn down a street. Marcus stumbles in the dark, and stops to see what was in his path. Laying in the middle of the street is a large, cloth-wrapped object, and the two decide to investigate.

Lorya finds a building with the crest that her helpful passerby described (a green shield with a silver tree). The crest adorns the gate of an iron fence surrounding a large two-story building. To the left of the building is a neat series of headstones, separated by a low, stone wall. Lorya creeps to a nearby window, and looks in to an office. Inside is a fair featured male with long ears, and a seated and uniformed female. The two seem to be arguing about the progress on a search for the male’s missing charge. Lorya listens to their argument, and then heads back to the street of lights.

Marcus unwraps his mystery bundle, and uncovers an angularly-featured creature with pointed ears. The body is stiff, and the two notice a blood stain on the abdomen. Marcus sets the body up against a nearby building, and he and Willie flee the scene.

Eventually, they happen across the street of lights, and Marcus is fascinated. He tries to catch one of the lights, and decides to explore one of the shops. The shop he chooses is filled with metal sculptures and scraps. After a bit of a rough introduction, Marcus and Willie learn a bit more about the city from the shopkeeper.

Upon leaving the shop, Marcus and Willie are reunited with Lorya. They begin telling her of the body they found, when they spot a figure running past them. The group takes off in pursuit. The figure leads them on a chase back to the guard station, where it bursts through the front door. Marcus follows close behind.

Next up: The Whiskey Dogs



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