Adventures in Kinfer

Session 5

Whose Plot is it, Anyways?

Willie has disappeared. Somehow, between the time that Marcus turned his back on her and when he got into the guard station, she just up and vanished. But that’s the least of the party’s worries right now.

Anora, the little girl that Marcus and Lorya were chasing, explains to Captain Issolta, in charge of the Usquebah guards, that she overheard Marcus and Willie discussing a dead body that they found in the middle of the street. After a quick trip outside to retrieve Lorya, Captain Issolta takes a statement from them about the discovery.

Of course, things are never that straightforward. Issolta needs both the people who found the body to make the report, but with Willie’s whereabouts unknown, such a task seems impossible. So she introduces Marcus and Lorya to three people in one of the station’s cells, and asks if one is Willie. Sadly, it was not to be.

At this point Issolta’s companion, an ‘elf’ named Aust, points out that the two groups seemed destined to meet. After hearing the story of how the party made it to this world, he hints that he knows more about the heart in their dreams than he’s willing to let on.

Apparently, the corpse that Marcus stumbled across earlier belonged to one of Aust’s men, Sellius Glambor. He convinces the group to look into the murder, in exchange for their freedom.

Outside, Ellie is excited to show Shiizuk the wonder’s of magic. She spots some flowers on a grave and, with the aid of a green mist, coaxes them back to life. As the mist fades, she hears a voice, and begins to converse. Marcus is upset by this, and insists that Ellie stops talking to the voice. When she refuses, he tries to forcibly stop her, and once again attracts attention from the city guards. And once again he manages to talk himself out of trouble.

Hopefully the party will manage to avoid killing one another…

Up next: In Dreams



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