Tag: Usquebah


  • Viet Torrun

    Short and grumpy pretty much describes Viet. He was inexplicably nearby when the party was thrown into the middle of a battlefield, and subsequently led them to the city of Usquebah. His manner is gruff and commanding, and he seems a man of few words. …

  • Sellius Glambor

    [[:marcus-white|Marcus]] and [[:willie-wonka|Willie]] found Sellius' body in the streets of the Guild District in Usquebah. He was stabbed in the abdomen, wrapped in a cloak, and dumped in the middle of the street, where Marcus later tripped over him. …

  • Issolde Ferrier

    Issolta takes her job as the captain of the guards seriously. She is firm in the performance of her duties, but fair. [[:lorya]] first encountered her while overhearing a discussion about the disappearance of [[:sellius-glambor|Sellius]].

  • Kellahn Rashid

    Kellahn is eccentric, and obsessed with his work. He first appeared after the party went to investigate a loud explosion and plume of green smoke in the city, after Kellahn apparently blew up part of his lab. He seems to have some sort of history with …

  • Berrant Wilkenson

    Berrant is the shopkeeper of a store on [[Spellweaver Street]]. He declined to give [[:marcus-white|Marcus]] and [[:willie-wonka|Willie]] work, but did provide them with more information about the city. His shop is filled with metal scraps and sculptures.